About Us

Hello there

The CEO and Founder of intCount is Hicham ALAOUI RIZQ, a highly skilled IT engineer and multitask manager who graduated from Miskolc University. Throughout his professional career, he has increased the turnover for multiple medium-sized companies. Passionate about IT, he decided to embark on an outstanding adventure in Hungary to develop and hone his early skills in IT while earning a master's degree. He later lived in Budapest, the beautiful Hungarian capital, for a couple of years to work on an early and passionate project using Blockchain technology, building microservices, and achieving other milestones as a distinguished software developer.


In 2018, Hicham published a book titled Application of Data Mining Algorithm to Detect Defects on the Catenary which is available on Amazon.

Hicham is the developer and owner of the intCount application, which is available on PlayStore. The app provides a full ecosystem for businesses to efficiently work and network. Hicham handles every task and work behind the scenes, including software development, marketing, business development, and networking, himself.

Future Plans

Under the execution and supervision of Hicham, the aim and goal of intCount is to become the reference for brilliant businesses worldwide.