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Who we are

A brand that promotes businesses by assigning a numeric business card on the intCount mobile map. This business card is identified by a unique and memorable number on the map that everyone can remember.

Using the intCount number, anyone can find the information and social links of the business they are looking for. This numerical business card is eco-friendly and promotes businesses. And, best of all, the number is free, but you can choose to support intCount with $30/year if you appreciate the app. Thanks!

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Who is the CEO and Founder of intCount

His name is Hicham ALAOUI RIZQ, a multitask IT engineer graduated from Europe and who developed and connected all the dots that make intCount today a complete ecosystem for branding businesses! He is trying to position intCount as the leading brand for every enthusiastic business out there that wants to efficiently work and network.

Check out his Linkedin Profile for further knowledge: Hicham ALAOUI RIZQ

CEO & Founder at intCount

One main part of intCount ecosystem is the intCount mobile app that you would download on both stores PlayStore and Apple store.


While we lead businesses to become creative and genuine, we offer them the opportunity to purchase pure coffee that fuels their energy during the process through our gateway intCount.coffee ^_^.