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Universal basic income

Will the Universal Basic Income, Would Be the 21st Century Solution to Eradicate Poverty

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The first mainstream issue here is to provide the budget for the reform.

Well! The money could come from the budget that goes into the usual welfare, social system,

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And by cutting some other sector budgets since we mentioned earlier that this new reform would cut crime and health care fees.

Despite the budget, UBI would not only replace the welfare system,

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but brings an added value to the society like improving people education and skills.


Not everyone is crazy about the idea, critics say that Universal Basic Income could actually disincentives people from getting a job if they know they are going to be paid not to work.

Even though more and more trials are underway in some countries like Netherland, Kenya, Canada and the United state,

to see if universal basic income would become the norm for their citizens anytime soon.

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NB: UBI = Universal Basic Income

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