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Universal basic income

Will the Universal Basic Income, Would Be the 21st Century Solution to Eradicate Poverty

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It is clear, robots are already changing the future of work, Some giant tech leads say that UBI could give workers an opportunity to retrain today’s workforce.

Other advocates say, UBI would eradicate poverty and addresses growing income inequality across the developed world.

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It could give people freedom to start their own business or flexibility to pursue create interest.

Negative tax in Finland

The Finns government started to experiment giving randomly to 2000 unemployed people around Finland, an amount of 650 Euro each month tax free.

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What they do with the money is entirely up to them.

The conclusion made by KELA, which is one of the arms of Finland government that is implementing the trial,

is that the social security system could and should be reformed to the Universal Basic Income.

Difficulties to implement Universal Basic Income

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