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Why Regulators Recently Pay a Close Attention to Stablecoin

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What makes stablecoin so popular ?

Stablecoin is the digital currency that has a fixed price which is usually the price of one dollar. Before the stablecoin existed, Traders would have to send their crypto. Usually BTC to payment gateway whenever they wanted to take out their profits or cut their losses.

Moving between crypto and fiat always incurs a lot of fees, furthermore. A busy blockchain, in other words. A delay of some of your transactions, could lead to the loss of some of your gains or deepen your losses due to the cryptocurrencies volatile prices

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As a solution, stablecoin makes it possible to cash out your money without having to convert your cryptocurrency into fiat. Furthermore, trading against stablecoin makes it much easier to calculate your gains or losses. This is why stablecoins are so popular.

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