Blockchain development rate

intCount offers competitive pricing without sacrificing code quality. To do this, it runs a bare bones operation and takes advantage of the best talents from countries such as Morocco 🇲🇦, Hungary 🇭🇺. Please see our rates below for your reference.

Blockchain Development

€ 30/hour
  • 1.Fungible and non Fungible tokens
  • 2.Smart contract development
  • 3.Integration Blockchain into Web and Mobile applications

Hybrid App development

€ 18/hour
  • 1.Write Code once for All Platforms
  • 2.React Native Development
  • 3.Deployment to AppStore and Google Play

Project Manager

€ 12/ hour
  • 1.PM Skills
  • 2.Agile Expert
  • 3.Excellent Communication
  • 4.Give Daily Reports
  • 5.Ensure Deadlines are met

Senior Java Developer

€ 26/hour
  • 1.Spring boot framework,
  • 2.Expert in REST web services,
  • 3.Experienced in Microservices

Database designer

€ 30/hour
  • 1.MySQL / Maria DB Expert
  • 2.Postgres Expert
  • 3. Design your database from scratch
  • 4.Provide a standardized database design
  • 5.Optimization of queries
  • 6.Write complex queries

Full-stack Web Developer

€ 18/hour
  • 1.Saas
  • 2.Angular Expert
  • 3.Data Modeling for the Web (MongoDb)
  • 4. API development and documentation
  • 5.Deployment to server (Azure / Heroku) and containerization (Docker container, Kubernetes cluster)

Tech Support

€ 8/hour
  • 1.Video Chat Support
  • 2.Webinar
  • 3.Diagnosis and digital transition strategy